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I just took a look at your updates to the website. It's good to see information for veterans benefits, VetCenter and VAVs contacts. I also like the areas for including pictures of activities/events and awards from each Lodge.

You've been working hard to make an informative and easy to use website. Looking forward to it's completion and the E4V Facebook page.


I joined my Lodge in April 2014 and was interested in supporting veterans. I'm a veteran and have been involved in several local veteran/military groups to include the VAVs program at the Mann-Grandstaff Medical Center in Spokane, the American Legion and the local Air Force Association chapter.

I observed a lack of knowledge, about Elks veterans/military programs, stemming from folks not using the available resources provided by the Elks structure.

I'd recommend that interested Elks members contact their local Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) posts (i.e. American Legion, VFW, AMVETS, etc.,), VetCenters and read the Elks National Veterans Service Commission (ENVSC) Manual as a starting point to help out with military/veteran activities at their Lodges. I'd also recommend accessing both the veterans portions of the waelks.net and the elks.org websites, too.

The ENVSC Manual gives guidance on the VAVS program, Adopt-A-Family projects and Army of Hope program. It also specifies that the Elks can engage in many more activities, in addition to volunteering at their local VA Medical Center or veterans home through the VAVS program.

The more Elks members educate themselves on their local veteran/military community, by using available resources, the more they can help our active duty, Guard, Reserve service members and their families.

I'm posting this blog since too many people that I've encountered are under the impression that the only veteran/military support programs available to Elks at Lodges are those associated with VAVS. There are many additional opportunities.

Thank you for creating this web site and for your hard work,

Jennifer Wilcox


Thanks for asking Debra. Just what I wanted to know.


There's a lot of different things you can engage in to support our Military & Veterans. If you log onto the Elks national site, there's a listing of programs with suggestions. They great thing is, they sky is the limit. While on the site, the Army of Hope that our sponsor Roger True created.

Let us know how it goes!


I am new to the Elks, and I am wondering what kind of programs can we start or add onto or develop to work more closely with the Military and our Veterans? I think it would be great to offer more to the above mentioned groups, but am not sure where or how to begin? Any ideas?